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Photo of dancer Gene Kelly & Tropicana Showgirls

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Gene Kelly 1

Dance Master
Born Eugene Curran Kelly in 1912, "Gene" Kelly became one of the most famous American dancer/choreographer/actor during the heyday of musicals in Hollywood. His most famous films, "Singing in the Rain" and "An American in Paris" are iconic. "An American in Paris" won six Academy Awards and Kelly was the star, co-director and choreographer of "Singing in the Rain", and the most famous dance sequence ever filmed.

Gene Kelly 1

Taken on Location at Tropicana Hotel
Shot 1968


"gene the lady's guy" by: joann
@ 12:46:55 pm on March 19 2009
gene, there will never ever be another person that could dance and do tricks in the air like you and even sing in the rain when the weather really wasn't stormy. this guy can never be matched because there will never be noone else that can have these looks and talent and personality and beautiful charm as this great guy - he is fantastic. i still look at all his shows and sit and wish i could have met him. he is the greatest


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