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Name This Act?

Two Guys
Wish we could remember what these guys called themselves. They had a great act. This photo was taken at the Las Vegas Entertainment Awards, hosted by Sammy Davis Jr in 1973. Help?

Name This Act?

Shot 1973


"Act Name" by: Retired Geezer
@ 11:50:56 pm on April 2 2008
I 'think' it was David and Goliath. I'm not really sure but that seems right. They were one of the first 'Strong men adagio' acts I ever saw.

I was a stagehand in Vegas for 30 years.

"Name This Act" by: Steve Notario
@ 01:53:18 pm on January 8 2009
It is "David & Goliath" They were a living statue act. I worked with this act in 1979 in Lake Tahoe, in a show titled "Bedazzled" produced by Fredric Apcar. I dont remember their real names. Both have passed away, sad ending to the act. David passed of cancer, and Goliath took his own life at the loss of his partner and friend.

"David & goliath" by: Irwin Dubner
@ 10:41:13 am on May 1 2011
I grew up with my friends in Coney Island.
David was Fred Randal & Goliath was Jerry Howard (originally Jerry Ornstein) they were born in 1932 & would have been 79.
Great Guys

"David and Goliath" by: Alan Smith
@ 01:24:20 am on June 29 2012
I just watched an episode of the Dean Martin Variety Show from 1965 with a performance by these guys. Amazing!

"'David and Goliath'" by: Sue
@ 09:05:50 pm on February 1 2013
I met Jerry Howard while spending a month in Miami Beach in 1975. A friend and I met his daughter Jeanne, and he was a very generous dad figure to us all, taking us out to eat, to the movies and showing us around south Florida as we were from NY. Very sorry to hear he has passed.

"Music" by: Shannon
@ 09:27:25 am on June 25 2013
They had a very distinctive theme music. Does anyone know what it was called?

"Re: Music" by: Steve
@ 11:01:13 pm on November 14 2013
My Uncle Jerry started the routine with the music from "2001 Space Odyssey" and then inspirational music from the movie "The Ten Commandments"

"David and Goliath" by: Carol
@ 11:11:31 am on November 16 2013
Jerry (Goliath) was my Uncle. He and Freddy were pioneers of
acrobatic entertainment. They both studied Ballet to perfect the smooth movement of their act. He is missed by his family.

"Name" by: Ralph Loveday
@ 04:26:36 pm on November 21 2013
You are correct! It's David and Goliath. There was a spin-off act that worked for Frederic Apcar called The Goldmen at Harrah's Tahoe (BeDazzle)

"Vegas act" by: Lou
@ 01:51:51 pm on February 8 2014
I think they went under the name "Samson & Goliath ".

"David & Goliath" by: Javier
@ 09:51:19 pm on February 25 2014
Ok, can anyone (Steve or Carol) give any info on where exactly we can see any video or promo pictures of the actual act? I remember seeing them on tv in the 60's. I have been looking EVERYWHERE on the web, and cannot find a thing. I DID find an image of them on the beach from an old physique mag.

"to Javier Re: David & Goliath" by: Pamela
@ 05:24:33 pm on June 13 2014
I have the Dean's Ultimate Collection, The Dean Martin Variety Show. Uncut Disc 1 Original Air Date March 3, 1966 Starring Sid Caesar, Abbe Lane, George Gobel, Marguerite Piazza, Ken Lane, Strongman act David & Goliath. They do the whole act as in Las Vegas. I saw them many times back in those days. My episode guide says show #0025

"David & Goliath" by: Louis
@ 03:24:11 am on October 23 2014
The entire 1966 Dean Martin Show is on You Tube.

"David & Goliath" by: Cliff G.
@ 03:37:55 pm on June 30 2015
I worked out at their gym on Lincoln Rd in Miami Beach in the 1960's. Jerry Howard aka (Horowitz) ran his gym. It was on the 2nd floor in a L.Rd. studio. Every time someone dropped a weight the guy that had a shop downstairs would get pissed! I remember all Jerry's plaques & trophy's on the right hand wall as you walked up stairs to the gym.

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