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Burlesque Stars
"Stripping on the Strip"

Ecdysiast, is what the dictionary calls a "striptease artist" or a performer who provides erotic entertainment by undressing to music.  The topless dancers of today are not the same as the "striptease artists" of burlesque.  The burlesque queens created elaborate themes and costumes to add fantasy to their shows and find new ways to undress to music.  Unfortunately, there are few venues left that celebrate this dying art.

Burlesque was a big part of what made Vegas, Vegas. The risque' entertainment found a home in Sin City early on with Barry Ashton and Harold Minsky producing shows at major Strip hotels by the late sixties. The Palomino Club, world famous totally nude strip club with nightly amateur contests, had men jumping on planes to Vegas just to catch the show and return home on the red-eye.

WARNING: The following pages may contain nudity

Famed producers like Barry Ashton and Harold Minsky created shows that made burlesque a "must see" in Las Vegas.   Risque' humor and tittilating dance numbers helped make hotels like the "Silver Slipper" a famous late night gathering spot for tourists, locals and other entertainers.
Burlesque Shows

Comics have long been a staple of burlesque, the greatest ones called "Top Bananas".  Names like Tommy Moe Raft, the original "Top Banana" graced the hotel marquis just like Sinatra & Martin. Unfortunately, most of the great burlesque comics are no longer with us.
Top Bananas

The world famous Palomino Club, a real burlesque palace, was one of a kind in America.  From the late sixties, when strip clubs in America cities were little more than dives, the Palomino was an upscale, classy,  totally nude club, that found women as well as men comfortable in the audience.  The amateur nude dance contest brought women from all walks of life to the club to realize their stripper fantasy.  Featured in Playboy magazine in 1979, the club stayed on top until the new century when it was sold.
Palomino Club

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