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Photo of the Alexis Brothers

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Alexis Brothers

Hunks in Space
The "Bionic" Alexis Brothers were a featured variety act of the long running "Splash" show at the Riviera Hotel/Casino on the Las Vegas strip. Performing an Adagio act of incredible strength they wooed audiences nightly with their own brand of European grace. They have since joined the Cirque du Soleil cast.

Alexis Brothers

Shot 1987


"Alexis website" by: Kay114
@ 03:28:04 am on October 6 2007
Since their fan mail is no longer active, hopefully this is the format to say how great this act must still be in "Mystere;" not only does everyone in our family from my seventy-year-old dad to my four-year-old niece love the Alexis Brothers in "Saltimbanco," one of my niece's first words was 'acrobats.'


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