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Photo of Angelique Pettyjohn in her Star Trek costume as Shahna fro "The Gamesters of Triskellion" episode


True Vintage original prints, usually made the same year the photo was taken. Some will have crop marks on the front or writing on the backside done by the newspaper or magazine that printed it. See full description on each photo.

Angelique as Shahna

Angelique as Shahna
Angelique Pettyjohn is famous for her part as the drill thrall in Star Treks "Gamesters of Triskelion" episode. She has to fight Kirk in the original Star Trek 1960's episode, and also ends up being his first kiss on the show. This photo was taken during a shoot for a poster. This is like the promo photos she would sign during conventions and a "true vintage" print. As far as I know, it is the last copy of this print we have. It is in perfect shape. No rights or copyrights are given or implied. The watermark is not on the print you purchase.

Check out the photo used on the original poster as well as the nude version of the poster on this site.

Angelique as Shahna

Shot 1979

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March 30th 2017, 09:25AM.
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