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Angelique Pettyjohn nude as Shahna from Star Trek

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Angelique Pettyjohn

Star Trekker
Angelique, as a young starlet, played the part of Shahna in the original Star Trek episode "The Gamesters of Triskelion. She was Kirk's "drill thrall" and his first kiss in the series. Originally taken for posters that Angelique sold to her fans. There were two versions, one covered and one nude showing she was a natural "green".

Angelique Pettyjohn

Shot 1979

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"Green Hair!" by: rsh
@ 10:06:02 pm on May 25 2006

"It's not easy being green". :*)> tisk, tisk!

""Beam me up Scotty"!" by: Xr Readyman
@ 09:48:03 pm on June 15 2006

I don't really care weather any mans gone before--or not!

"Angelique Pettyjohn" by: Rob
@ 08:30:47 am on November 17 2006
This is the picture I dreamed of as a boy in the 60s! WOW!

"beautiful angel from the heavens" by: older now
@ 04:18:58 am on December 5 2006
captain kirk, man what you missed out on!!!

"Angelique Pettyjohn" by: Jangeo
@ 05:38:34 am on December 27 2006
We were an item during the late 70's in Las Vegas. Angelique was an exceptional person. Very empathic, wonderful company, eager to learn, outstanding sense of humor and a great friend. One of my life's fondest memories. You couldn't help but love her. Angelique is sorely missed by those whose lives she touched.

"Angelique death" by: Steve
@ 12:32:38 am on March 17 2007
When did Angelique die? Thought I read she died of cancer.

"Angelique, Steve Questions" by: rsh
@ 11:30:17 am on March 18 2007
Try Googling--I'd have to, even having gone to the service!

"WOW!!" by: by: winnie
@ 11:03:34 am on March 19 2007
I like it!

"Angelique" by: Mike
@ 12:10:39 am on October 23 2007
She was simply great in The Gamesters Of Triskelion and one of the most beautiful actresses ever to be cast in Star Trek.

"sexiest actress" by: jj
@ 12:28:39 am on April 3 2008
angelique, the name certainly fits

"Shahna" by: Stucazzo
@ 06:19:25 am on May 13 2008
I still have the original (non-nude signed) poster I purchased when it was first available (25 years ago???). Angelique signed them in ball point pen from her home based fan business.
I did not know that she had passed AND at such an early age.
A beautiful and sexy lady to be sure!

"Lovely and Sexy" by: Everett
@ 01:06:51 am on December 28 2008
Wow! That's one sexy woman!

"Angelique Pettyjohn" by: Jim
@ 03:32:38 am on January 22 2009
Angelique Pettyjohn Born March 10, 1943 in Los Angeles, California
Died February 14, 1992 in Las Vegas, Nevada (cancer)

"Beauty" by: Richard
@ 08:16:03 pm on June 14 2009
I am so sad that this beauty has passed.

"Not First Kiss" by: James Tiberius
@ 08:41:12 pm on October 6 2009
The episode Catspaw was produced and aired before the episode in which Shahna appears, and Kirk kisses Sylvia in that episode, so Shahna was not Kirk's first kiss in the series.

"angelique pettyjohn" by: stephen
@ 09:08:15 pm on July 13 2010
what a woman.

"Incredible woman" by: Gary
@ 04:49:17 pm on December 11 2010
My favorite example of a perfectly beautiful woman. Just 12 years younger than her, when I grew up I wanted to find her lookalike and marry her!

"Drill Thrall" by: Paul W.
@ 02:37:06 pm on February 24 2012
I remember the ads for these photos in the back of Playboy in the late-70s.

"Comment Added to VegasRetro - /glamour/15_shahna_star_trek2.html " by: Paul W.
@ 02:37:06 pm on February 24 2012
I remember the ads for these photos in the back of Playboy in the late-70s.

"HOT Angelique!" by: Mopar Joe A
@ 08:35:07 pm on January 18 2014
Always thought she was the hottest actress ever cast on a Star Trek episode....She will always be remembered by her fans!

@ 04:01:18 pm on April 20 2014
con table,when she was on "stage". w sat and talked on slow dealer room hours....

"Poster" by: Keith
@ 05:45:05 pm on December 13 2014
I still have the nude version. Who would of known it would be worth $100. I think I paid about $40 or so. That bod - she made this soldier stand at attention!

April 5th 2017, 02:07PM.
"Sexy" by: Mike
@ 02:14:47 am on January 15 2015
What a beautiful woman.

"i would dohe" by: jalo
@ 06:40:08 pm on June 6 2015
bang the drum slowly

"Puberty" by: Cest
@ 10:43:37 am on November 30 2015
One of my escorts to manhood... :)

"@Puberty" by: SdW
@ 09:48:28 pm on January 12 2016
So you and Angelique "dated?" in real life? Or were you talking figuratively? Lucky man.

"angelique pettyjohn" by: 351charlie
@ 12:49:19 am on February 14 2016
. . . Well, now we know. The carpet DOES NOT match the curtains !

" 351charlie" by: RSH
@ 01:11:32 pm on February 14 2016

SORRY. If you had a print or the poster, you'd know better...they are both GREEN.

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