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Photo of Las Vegas Showgirl Chris De Simone in dressing room

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Chris De Simone

Showgirl backstage
Chris De Simone appeared in several Las Vegas shows, including "Bare Touch of Vegas". More an exceptional dancer than showgirl, she also appeared in Hooper's homage to Las Vegas women in Playboy's "Girls of Las Vegas" that ran in the magazine in February 1979.

Chris De Simone

Shot 1978


"Showgirls" by: Michael Schenker
@ 04:30:25 am on May 28 2006
I LOVE this shot. Really interested in the behind-the-scenes aspect of the business and this shot captures it perfectly!

"glamours" by: Ram
@ 11:21:53 am on January 27 2008
yours boobs is supers.

"chrissy" by: Alisa
@ 02:10:50 am on August 6 2008
was a dear friend of mine when we danced in the Moulin Rouge- 1984... She went on to star and tour with Englebert and was an absolute show stopper ;-)

"chrissy" by: bill berenato
@ 10:23:09 am on June 6 2010

Used to be engaged to Chrissy yrs ago and would love to say hello. Is there anyone who might know how to contact her. Via Facebook or email would appreciate.

Thanks Bill Berenato

"Lets meet today!" by: Goodwin Knoll
@ 11:44:28 am on September 23 2012
Give me a call. 7064918678


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