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VEGAS VISITOR - Super-lovely June Wilkinson, in from Hollywood for the Elvis show, hides (rather successfully) behind some of the meager Las Vegas flora -and provides a striking front cover picture this week.  No novice before the camera, June has appeared six  times in Playboy, has played in "Pajama Top" on Broadway, and is currently filming an ABC special titled "Hellsapopping".

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June Wilkinson

Visitor Cover 2/4/72

"Sure it wasn't June (the month), that would be too good to be true, but June Wilkinson, had asked the editor of the Vegas Visitor to be featured on the the cover. She reluctantly agreed to his choice of his young, unknown photographer, me! A gracious lady, who made me look good. Traveling together in a car, we went to a spot right off Paradise Road to The Flamingo wash, (more accurately known as the Vegas wash at Flamingo).She had seen the my work on other Vegas Visitor covers and liked what I had done with others she knew, so she had some confidence in me. I had a somewhat different approach than other photographers, being more natural, and she was willing to give it a try. Right in the middle of town, but secluded from others view by brush, she disrobed and posed for this photograph. Of course, I was ecstatic! She had been photographed by many, many, big time photographers, but it turned out she was overjoyed with the results and very proud of her VV cover."RSH

June Wilkinson

Taken on Location at Flamingo Wash

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