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Argentinian Gouchos on fire

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Argentinian Gouchos

Great Balls of Fire
The 'Argentinian Gouchos' were the first to hit the stages with an act from their homeland using fire on their Goucho balls. They appeared in several major Las Vegas shows including "Latin Fire Follies" at the Thunderbird Hotel, "Casino de Paris" at the Dunes Hotel and "Hallelujah Hollywood" at the MGM. A combination flash and time exposure was used to capture their ultra spectacular stage presentation.

Argentinian Gouchos

Shot 1980


"Argentinian Gouchos" by: Ananta
@ 05:30:45 pm on October 15 2007
Please i would love to learn how to get a hold of the Argentinian Gouchos..
My e-mail is.

"The Gouchos are my friends" by: Richard Kelly
@ 08:31:44 pm on November 6 2011
Can you let me know where they are playing
currently. Thanks 352-220-3769 (Florida)


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