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The Photography of R. Scott Hooper!
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Vintage Men's Mags
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Vintage Mens Magazines

It didn't start with Playboy, but certainly Playboy opened the door for many, many more publishing entrepreneurs to enter
the mens magazine world. You'll find many of their efforts here like Penthouse, Gallery, Genesis, Swank and Oui. Some of them
offered here are no longer in existence and others have changed so much since these vintage years that you will hardly recognize them.

There are some you won't find here, like Hustler and some of the more explicit genre. Not because they aren't good magazines,
we just never had a reason to collect them. Hooper's photography of women never quite reached that kind of realistic detail since
"leaving something to the imagination" was more his style. So, like most photographers, he watched other peoples work,
keeping his eye on the competition (so to speak) buy collecting the magazines he might want to shoot for.

Most of these magazines have been handled very little and kept in closed cupboards away from the elements so they are in quite good shape.
We will note any exceptions. The photographs here are taken of the actual magazine which will give you a better idea their condition.
In most cases their is only one copy of a magazine, except for some that contain his work. If his work appears in a magazine,
like Hooper's Playboy pictorials, it will be mentioned in the copy and you can expect to get his autograph on those issues as well. -TH

Collectable vintage mens magazines from the 1960\'s through the 1990\'s.
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