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Photo of Iris Finale on the Vegas Visitor Cover


Iris Finale

Vegas Visitor 3/28/80
IN THE NEWS March 28, 1980  - WAYNE is still Wayne Newton and he's appearing with comedian Dave Barry at the Sands Copa Room. Suzanne Somers is making her Las Vegas nightclub debut as her friend Rich Little's co-headliner in the MGM's Celebrity Theatre or you can catch comedy and magic in the form of Bill Cosby and Doug Henning at the Las Vegas Hilton.

Cover Girl Caption CLASSIC CUBAN - Raven-haired Iris Finale loves to travel and hopes someday to explore Greece. Since classic beauty like hers is appreciated the world over, her chosen career may someday take her there. Meanwhile, Las Vegas may enjoy her beauty in the form of local ads and promotions through Universal Models.

Iris Finale

Taken on Location at HoopStudio

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