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The Photography of R. Scott Hooper!
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The Book On Vegas
"Book On Vegas Limited Edition Prints"

Photo of stripper Crystal, a Palomino Club Dancer from The Book On Vegas
Crystal Standing

In celebration of Las Vegas's centennial, Greybull Press has put together the ultimate visual tribute to sin city. An exceptional collection of images of the city as seen through the eyes of many of the most important photographers, artists and filmmakers of the past 50 years, it also includes classic archival images that capture the true essence of what makes Vegas the high/low pleasure capital of the world: its entertainers and celebrities, its winners and losers, the dealers, divas, players and dreamers. The Book on Vegas features landmark images of the desert city's architecture, street life, weddings, casinos and surrounding landscape. With over 300 pages, and 226 exquisitely produced color images, The Book on Vegas is luminous, loud and spectacular--like the city itself.

Now you can own original limited edition prints of the four Robert Scott Hooper photographs found in the book. These fine art prints will be available for a limited time only. Own a piece of real Vegas today!

Photo of The Book On Vegas
The Book On Vegas

Photo of stripper Foxy Lae from the Palomino Club in N Las Vegas
Foxy Lae 2

Las Vegas Riviera Hotel Crazy Girl seen in The Book On Vegas
Melanie 2

Photo of the M+B Gallery in Los Angeles
The Show On Vegas

Nude photo of Palomino Club Dancer from The Book On Vegas
Christy Campbell

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