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Cheesecake photo of showgirl Debra Duke poolside at the Thunderbird Hotel in Las Vegas

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Debra Duke

Poolside at T-Bird
Cheesecake photos were the daily bread of Las Vegas. There is nothing like a beautiful showgirl poolside as an invitation to the party. "Cheese" shots like this one of Minsky girl Debra Duke went out everyday via the AP and UPI. It's still the best invitation today....girls poolside.

Debra Duke

Taken on Location at Thunderbird Hotel Pool
Shot 1968


"f" by: an
@ 06:42:48 am on March 29 2008
o sexi i w t f

"debra duke" by: ot
@ 01:56:06 pm on September 7 2008
Was Debea Duke also a stage hypnotist?

"Debra Duke" by: rsh
@ 07:29:28 pm on September 10 2008
I don't really know, I'll check.

"Debra Duke" by: Leperson
@ 03:44:56 am on October 24 2010
October 24, 2010. Debra Duke was a stage hypnotist and also held private hypnosis sessions. She performed in Las Vegas, but what I remember is limited. She either performed at the Tropicana, Frontier, Riviera and/or Dunes. One of my family members performed professional services for many stars, of which she was one, and we would receive complimentary passes to Hotel showroom shows to see these stars. Debra Duke had a fun show, with about 10-15 people who volunteered to come on the stage and participate in a show of hypnosis. I probably saw her a few times, and was always the "one" who could not be hypnotized and was graciously signalled off of the stage so as not to upset the show (years later in my life I saw a few hypnotherapists to help with the same darned problem and they could not hypnotize me either--my other family members were genuinely "under"). I saw her for a personal matter, in her capacity as a hypnotist, in her home, about 10 times. She did not charge me for her services because she could not hypnotize me and seemed to be fascinated by this. She was a strong personality, gracious, kind, interesting. This took place between the years of 1975-1979, I can't remember exactly, but I don't know how long her career as a stage hypnotist lasted. I remember advertisements for years probably within that same time-frame, about 1975-1979, although probably longer.
Hope this helps.

"D. Duke" by: Frank Giannantonio
@ 01:04:52 am on May 10 2013
She performed at The Silver Slipper. I was hypnotized by her when I was 10.


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