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Photo of Siegfried & Roy with white tiger

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Siegfried & Roy 1

White Tiger
Siegfried & Roy with a white tiger they had raised from a cub. Hooper photographed them backstage at the Frontier Hotel after their popular show "Beyond Belief" in 1985.

Siegfried & Roy 1

Taken on Location at Frontier Hotel
Shot 1985

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July 24th 2017, 09:05PM.

"I LOVE YOU" by: Your Gayest LOver
@ 03:11:48 pm on May 22 2007

"Just Curious?" by: rsh
@ 03:47:46 pm on May 22 2007
Are you talking about "Sigfried" or "Roy" or the _"Tiger"?

"intertainment" by: klaus ristau
@ 05:01:19 pm on June 29 2012
The frontier had a good food service.The frontier and the white tiger act.The frontier has been imploded .what the hell are U people over there doing.I thought money was tight.i got a phone call about a dentist in Las veges,his got it made.He has a brother named Dane Spellman.I heard he got a real tall lady volleyball material.Oh i was in las vegas .I had just got to the circus circus and the parking garage was being built had onley 3 floors done.So the noise and the hammering sounds and the dust.OH speaking of dust how is the stardust doing ? Oh one other question.The tram at the circus circus just went to the rv section and to the casino.Looks to me that that little short tram is one of the main transportation system in las vegas and how about that farmers market is that working out OK for you all why out about the trapeez act and those little bleachers. how about the revolving merry go round on the gaming area and about those upper level and all the arcade action good idea family friendly.

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