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  Sahara Hotel 1969
  Caesars Icy Nymph
  Circus Circus
  Silver Slipper Casino
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  Landmark Hotel
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  Dunes Corner
  Las Vegas Sunrise
  Las Vegas Skies
  Sands Hotel
  Paradise Strip
  Mint Hotel
  Thunderbird Hotel
  Riviera Hotel
  Stardust Hotel
  Las Vegas Strip
  Las Vegas Lights
  Las Vegas lights 1983
  Las Vegas 1968
  International Hotel



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Stardust Hotel sign on the Las Vegas Strip 1988

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Stardust Hotel

Las Vegas Favorite
When it opened it 1958, the Stardust Hotel was the largest resort complex opened to the public. Famous over the years for many things, from it's huge 216 foot world famous neon sign running across the front of the hotel, to the underworld ties of some of it's management, the hotel was very successful from the start. Bringing in the French import "Lido de Paris" with a cast of 100 and the first topless showgirls into the towns largest (700 seat) showroom, set the bar high for all other hotels looking to produce extravaganzas.

Stardust Hotel

Taken on Location at Las Vegas Strip
Shot 1988

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