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  Sahara Hotel 1969
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  Dunes Hotel
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  Landmark Hotel
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  Dunes Corner
  Las Vegas Sunrise
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  Paradise Strip
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Riviera Hotel marquis photographed in 1969

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Riviera Hotel

Riviera Marquis
The Riviera Hotel was opened in 1955, within one month of the openings of the Dunes and Royal Nevada. The Miami inspired architecture changed the desert skyline and set it apart from the other hotels on the strip. The Riviera was also instrumental in setting Las Vegas apart from all other entertainment venues around the country, when it brought in showman Liberace and paid him an unprecedented $50,000 a week. Liberace had received $5,000 a week at the Adolphus in Dallas just before his Riviera debut. From that point on Las Vegas would have the "creme de la creme" of entertainers on their stages and clubs in New York, LA and Chicago, without gambling to pay the bills, were unable to match the extravagant paychecks of "the entertainment capital".

Riviera Hotel

Taken on Location at the Riviera Hotel, Las Vegas
Shot 1969


"Singer from Le Bistro Lounge 1974" by: Suzanne Shea Reed (formerly S. Igou)
@ 02:04:08 am on November 21 2009
Does anyone have any photos of the Le Bistro Lounge? I sang there (singer/guitarist) Nov 22-Dec 15?th 1974.Hard work but fun. I met Petula Clark, Paul Williams, Frank Gorshin(sp?) and Don Rickles. They each took time to talk to me during their run in the Versaille Room when they'd have a drink in the lounge on break. I've lost my few photos I had outside the bldg (none could be taken of me in the casino!) I worked 6 nights a week, 6 hrs a night for $650 a week. Big money back then! I had to pay the entertainment Manager $150 tho! (hmmmm)


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