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Dunes Hotel Las Vegas Implosion

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Dunes Implosion 1of3

Fireworks Show

So it was with a heavy heart that I took my cameras up in the fourth floor of the Barbary Coast parking lot to record the Dunes implosion. It was a very sad occasion because the Dunes held a lot of memories of good times for me. The new high-rise had been built just before I had moved to town in the late sixties and had always been considered one of Las Vegas' classiest hotel/casinos. I shot a lot of pictures there in the early days, from cheesecake of the showgirls by the swimming pool to the big production shows like "Casino de Paris" . Later, in the 1980's I used the suites in the penthouses to shoot tests, fashion and Playboy magazine layouts, thanks to some great people that headed up the PR department. The Dunes always had great people, in fact, in 1970 the casino host Abe Schiller got my first Nikons for me and over the years my family and I had many wonderful gourmet meals at the Dome of the Sea or Sultans Table thanks to the (now extinct) hotel comps. - RSH

Check out Brigitte, taken in the Dunes Gazebo Suite.

Dunes Implosion 1of3

Shot 1993

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