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Miss International Showgirls compete on stage

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Showgirls Compete

Miss International Showgirl 1969
Janet Boyd (center) and Jackie Hewitt (right) show off their costumes and talent in the 1969 Miss International Showgirl Contest in Las Vegas. Jackie went on to win the contest that year and Janet became a featured dancer in burlesque and favorite Hooper model.

Showgirls Compete

Shot 1969


"Lost Showgirl" by:
@ 11:11:48 pm on January 6 2013
In 1967 at the Sands Hotel while a returning Marine from Vietnam, I was befriended by a showgirl who I remember as Marilyn Marx. She's had also worked with the Tropicana. I want to find her and thank her. It means a lot to me, and I'm sure her if I can find her. Anyone, please HELP!

"Lost Showgirl--continued--Urgent!" by:
@ 11:16:05 pm on January 6 2013
Some bigshot saw me in my Marine uniform playing a dime machine and brought me into the Coba Room and my own huge booth and was told to treat me with anything I wanted. Marilyn Marx took me under her wing and took care of me for three days--all platonic mind you--and I met singers, players, Nancy Wilson all because of her. I had a Corvette from the money sent home from Nam, but I drove into town nearly broke before checking into my duty station in California. If I remember correctly, her friend, or relative, maybe even her brother, was killed in Nam and she extended her hand to me--I must find her and thank her, buy her dinner, anything, to tell her what that meant to me. I coulkd possibly have her name wrong, maybe it's Mary or Marlene but I'm pretty sure it's Marilyn Marx, possibly a stage name. I saw her on A & E year ago about Follies reunion and saw her and heard her name; I've tried over the years but to NO avail thusfar. Surely, someone out there knows her. She was beautiful, too, brunette, a real leader among the girls, maybe something to do with the union, if one exists then, or something. Every one in Vegas on the Strip seemed to know her. She send me letters from the Americana Hotel in P.R. in 1968, too. Please, someone help this old Vietnam Vet. Just finding her and thanking her and doing something nice will make my life more complete. She's around 70-75, I suppose.

"Lost Showgirl--continued--Urgent! More!" by:
@ 11:31:16 pm on January 6 2013
That A & E show, possibly History channel, was maybe 5-7 years ago. I saw her in booth, heard her name by interviewer about Follies reunion. She worked for others, too, possibly Frontier, as well. But was there at Sands working that night I was there. Frank Sinatra was in the booth they put me in just before I sat down--the seat was still warm, as his son Frank, Jr. was singing on stage that night. I checked in Sinatra book and he was playing the Sands around that time in June or July, '67. She had me meet singer for another casino, too, plus Nancy Wilson at the Saraha. She gave me a suit jacket and we came out from side to have reserve table to view Nancy, who even dedicated song to us. ALL TRUE! I had just turned 21, drove from Minnesota and stopped in Vegas enroute to CA. I had $26 to my name but Marilyn put me up and had me stay with some big-time male singer in his house for three days with maid and the whole nine yards. She had party for me in her backyard with pool. Other showgirls attended and some singers and show folks and they treated me with steak and lobster. It was hard to believe. I am positive us finding each other would mean a lot to her, too. Surely, surely, there must be other showgirls, Vegas old-timers, anyone, who can help me. This connection would make my life. Please assist me in this search and endeavor to find this showgirl who had such a big heart and was so giving. Thanks so much for even considering this and reading my long-winded tirade. But it's very sincere.


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