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Photo of Crazy Girls Star Melanie Peck

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Crazy Girl
Beautiful Melanie Peck was the star of Crazy Girls at the Riviera Hotel in the early 90's. This photo was taken for a potential series of Showgirl Trading cards. Another photo of Melanie from this session later appeared in "The Book on Vegas".


Shot 1993


"Hi there" by: Marcel
@ 07:42:15 pm on April 26 2009
Did you use to live on Aruba and St.Maarten?

"Marcel" by: rsh
@ 10:15:41 pm on April 28 2009
Maybe SHE did (?), I really don't know.
FYI-I didn't!

"Melanie" by: Randall Klopp
@ 01:54:22 am on January 13 2010
This is my wife Melanie who died 07/18/09 I love this photo , do you have any more pictures of her ?

"Other Pix Of Melanie" by: rsh
@ 01:57:51 am on January 13 2010
Yes---Look in "The Book On Las Vegas".

"Melanie" by: Jodee from MI
@ 02:24:59 am on April 14 2010
I stumbbled along this web page while doing a term paper on dancers for college. Can I ask what she died from? SHe is so beutiful, I'm sure she was very talented. I am so sorry for your loss.

"My daughter Melanie Lisa " by: Elizabeth T. Peck
@ 12:24:39 am on June 6 2011
I tried to leave a comment before but I'm not sure it is going to print. Melanie was a muched loved child. It feels like yesterday that she left us. She was intelligent, kind to all. She leaves a very sad family.

"Mel's passing" by: Lynne DeNisi
@ 05:08:22 pm on June 10 2011
I am Melanie's sister and still very much grieving for the beautiful person she was. She died of an accidental overdose, in the big picture it was the Vegas lifestyle that took her. She was going to be 50 years old. Missing Mel

"my little sister" by: her brother max
@ 01:16:09 am on June 10 2011
Missing her become a way of life. Sorry for the life she choose, but she lived her way. I will always miss her coming into the room with her smile and hi love you big brother. Miss you little SIS.


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