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Lynn Ryder

Flamingo Butterfly
Born in Zimbabwe, Africa, dancer Lyn Ryder has made the world her stage, traveling all over the world doing an adagio act with her husband. Her talents as a dancer and ice skater made her a sure pick when a Nevada company manager saw her audition in Africa. Lyn has appeared in some of Las Vegas' favorite shows like, "Melinda, First Lady of Magic" at the Landmark, "Fire and Ice" at the Hacienda Hotel, "City Lights" at the Flamingo and "Minsky's Burlesque". The costume in the photograph is for one of "City Lights" more dazzling scenes.

Lynn Ryder

Shot 1992


"show girls" by: mj
@ 08:34:54 pm on July 4 2007
im only 13 but like my parents are wanting me to be a showgirl and i have been doiing dance for life and my moms like telling me they have real high kicks like me so yeahh! and they r going to las vegas in 2 weeks and taking me to watch them if im old enough. dancing is everything to me

"Costume" by: Cliffe
@ 11:35:01 pm on May 3 2009
I was a part of City not recall the butterfly costume...was this after Rulona Roland who originaly did the Poor Butterfly....I could ask Bill Moore I suppose

"Costume" by: Theresa "The Librarian"
@ 03:21:23 am on May 3 2009
I don't think the butterfly costume was in the show anymore when we did this photo in 1992. But it must have been part of "City Lights" at one time because Lynn brought the costume from the Flamingo to use for this shoot. Unless it belonged to Lynn herself.....

""Costume by"" by: KJ
@ 06:17:26 pm on January 10 2011
I was a performer at city lites up until it closed, and i worked with her The Oriental fantasy number was in until the close of the show in 1994. This costume is not from the show. It must be one of her own, or she modified the wings. Lunn looks great though

"butterfly wings" by: shelley blackburn
@ 04:38:15 am on May 17 2011
i worked in city lites for four years and this costume was definatly NOT in the show, though it is goegeous, it wasnt in the oriental fantasy number and thats the only one it could have been in. but lynn looks great!!!


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