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Image of famous Folies Bergere Showgirls in Las Vegas 1969

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Felicia & Joyce

Famous Folies Women
Felicia Atkins and Joyce Grayson are likely the most famous showgirls of all time, even though you may not know their names. They were front and center in the world famous Folies Bergere at the Tropicana Hotel for many years and photos of them on stage have been published around the world. You can still see images of them like this around Las Vegas, decorating stores, bars and historical galleries.

Felicia & Joyce

Taken on Location at Tropicana Hotel, Las Vegas
Shot 1969


"Dancers Choreographers" by: S. Z.
@ 01:09:16 am on December 26 2008
Do you have any photos of Betsy Haug performing, or of her shows, or videos?
Her shows included Risque Business at Harvey's, Sizzle at the Sands, and I believe she danced in Casine de Paris and perhaps Folies Bergere in Ron Lewis's productions.

"VERY..." by: elezxxxia
@ 08:42:02 pm on October 10 2010

"1971 Follies Show Girls?" by: Tom
@ 07:49:58 am on December 20 2012
Hello;Would anyone know what became of the 1971 Follies showgirls who were in Stephen sondheim's Follies?Please email me soon at: Happy holidays.Tom


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