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 Mint 400
  Angela Aames
  Mint 400 1981
  Mint 400 1984
  Mint 400 1982
  Mint 400 Queens83
  Natalie Chenoweth
  Dona Speir
  1984 Mint Girls
  Kyle Culley
  Mint 400 1986
  Grace Morely
  Kathy Stangel
  Katrina Von Splawn
  Kelly Hine
  KJ & Girls '81
  Lisa Hunter
  Lori Leonelli
  Marrie Hill
  Mint 400 1982
  Suzanne Regard
  Vickie Reigle
  Stacey Kuhne
  Vanna White 2








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Mint 400 Beauty Queens 1983

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Mint 400 Queens83

400 Queens
The Mint 400 Race was not only a showcase for the finest off-road vehicles and drivers in the world, it also introduced some beautiful woman who went on to be actresses and centerfolds. Dona Speir became a Playboy Centerfold in March 1984 and Suzanne Regard later appeared in films like "Malibu Express" and "French Quarter Undercover". Top:Trina Von Splawn, Middle: Dona Speir, Tracy Morrison, Suzanne Regard Bottom: Lori Leonelli were the Mint 400 Girls for 1983.

Mint 400 Queens83

Shot 1983


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