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Photo of Katrina Von Splawn, a Mint 400 Beauty Queen

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Katrina Von Splawn

Mint 400 Queen
LEAN & GREEN -Katrina Von Splawn displays her form for the 1983 Mint 400 Queen contest. The contest included women from several southwestern states, although Katrina was a local Las Vegas girl. Each year the girls were photographed in the t-shirts and gear, a different color each year.

Katrina Von Splawn

Taken on Location at Hooper's Desert Inn Studio
Shot 1983


"beautiful" by: joseph c
@ 07:21:07 am on February 12 2010
This gal is absolutely beautiful! Where is she now?

"Peace and good wishes to friends-past and present! " by: KATRINA VAN SPLAWN
@ 01:11:04 am on February 26 2012
Greetings! Especially to Teresa and Hooper.The beautiful photographs you took of me. opened many doors and helped make great opportunities available tome. If only I'd known what to do with them! But I never. wanted fame.I dreamed of being an artist. I was lucky enough to work as an Art director in videos and commercials and made my dreams come true. I'm sure your work was one of my inspirations. Best.Wishes. Katrina . . ,

"Karen Von Splawn" by: Mike in Vegas
@ 11:35:27 pm on March 20 2012
Are you the sister of Karen?

"Childhood Friend" by: Sabrina
@ 05:24:41 am on April 19 2013
Thought of you often. Would like to get intouch. Love Always...Sabrina

"You look Great" by: Past Friend
@ 08:44:10 am on May 24 2013
Saw you a few days ago. "WOW" You are still beautiful. I was still in the checkout line as you were leaving the store. Yes, Beautiful

"friend for long time as teenager's" by: sheila
@ 08:36:18 am on May 29 2013
hi trina...I know you when we were younger, you were always a great friend my mother ran into you when you were working many year's ago...I am still in Vegas Long time All of My Family has Passed away...I know trina and she is a beautiful person inside and out always was and always will be....God Bless and Hugs

"Wow- thanks to my friends! " by: Katrina Van Splawn
@ 06:04:45 am on June 2 2013
Thanks for the compliment- " past friend"- You should have said hello! Dear Sabrina M, & Shelia R- I'm starting FACEBOOK page soon. Best wishes to Bob and Teresa. R. Scott Hooper- Truly the master of Glamour photography! Katrina

"Dearest Katrina" by: rsh
@ 03:34:57 pm on June 28 2013
Thank you for the all the kind words. Theresa & I are doing well, considering all the water that's ran under our bridges. You are one of the most beautiful and sexiest women I've photographed.

We are both on "Facebook" and are looking forward to checking out your page.

We should get together sometime and lie to each other about the good old days.

"connect" by: Sabrina
@ 02:32:35 am on September 24 2013
Look up my mother's name on fb. Maybe we can connect in this way. I can't seem to find you on fb. :/

"email" by: sheila
@ 10:18:41 am on October 18 2013
hey Trina if you like to get in contact e-mail me at: Love to hear from you.....:)


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