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Photo of Janet Boyd being modeling for a Julian Ritter painting

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Janet & Julian

Bordello Artist
Janet Boyd, one of Hooper's favorite models over the years, was also a muse of famed artist Julian Ritter. Julian was the painter of the wonderful bordello nudes on the walls of the Silver Slipper Gambling Hall & Saloon in Las Vegas. Her appeal to both of them was her ability to fit so nicely into the role of a Gibson Girl from the 19th century. Ritter immortalized her in his painting "Janet" as the lady in the red hat. Along with many other photo shoots, Hooper relied on her Victorian grace in his "Miss Priss" pictorial. Hooper got a chance to meet Ritter in 1975 when he went to Santa Barbara to photograph Janet and the artist in his own north light studio. He came away with even more admiration for Ritter when he saw him at work. Ever the artist, it was Julian who wanted to make sure his brushes fell just the right place, aiming at Janet's tush, in this photograph.

Janet & Julian

Taken on Location at Ritter Studio Santa Barbara
Shot 1975

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