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Photo of Janet Boyd nude at Mt. Charleston

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Janet Boyd

Nude in the Woods
Janet Boyd, was a featured burlesque star in the "Wonderful World of Burlesque" at the Silver Slipper and Minsky's and a special Hooper muse. He photographed her many times over many years in many locations. This photo was taken in 1973 at Mount Charleston, just outside of Las Vegas.

Janet Boyd

Taken on Location at Mt. Charleston, NV
Shot 1973


@ 12:57:08 am on November 16 2006

"tasty" by: vince
@ 08:52:02 am on December 8 2006
janet has got the tastiest rear ive seen for along time, lets see more

"What an ass!" by: Locurto
@ 08:08:50 pm on November 11 2007
They just don't make them like that anymore! Please post more pics! Mama mia!

"sexy" by: Rick
@ 08:06:34 pm on February 28 2008
gorgeous, i wonder if she is around today

"nice ass" by: jmda
@ 02:03:55 pm on May 19 2008

"nice" by: amir kumar
@ 04:30:39 am on July 9 2009
fuck the nice ass

"Above comment" by: rsh
@ 10:42:08 pm on September 5 2009
"Welcome, the line starts here".

"Janet Boyd" by: Jim Lawton
@ 11:29:28 am on April 12 2011
What a ravishing girl, with a gorgeous bottom just waiting to be caressed. I can't get enough of looking at her. Gosh, what I would give to slip down her shorts and see her completely in the buff. She has certainly got an arse to toss off to

"Janet Boyd" by: Bruce Mason
@ 11:33:59 am on April 14 2011
Darling Janet, you are a naughty girl and a real tease. If you knew how horny I get mentally shagging you every morning, you'd let me see more of your luscious backside. I strip you each morning and instantly get a hard-on. I fondle your glorious arse, and you seem, in my imagination, to respond by feeling inside my trousers and grabbing hold of me. You should know that I'm quite a big boy and we could have some exciting times together

"Ann Corio and this was Burlesque" by: Jim T.
@ 10:23:16 pm on April 26 2011
I played lead Trumpet for you. Spent close times with you and will cherish them forever. I guess it's true what Mae West said to you a long time ago. I bet it shows today!!

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