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Teri Tomas on the Vegas Visitor cover


Teri Tomas

Vegas Visitor 1/19/79
IN THE NEWS January 15, 1979   -NAHB, "the largest convention ever held in Las Vegas" announces the first year of the National Association of Home Builders convention. An estimated 70,000 exhibitors and delegates who will generate $65 million in the Las Vegas economy. And dignitaries scheduled to speak include Senator Orin Hatch and former chairman of the President's Economic Council, Alan Greenspan.

Cover Girl Caption  TERI TAKES THE CAKE - In honor of Playboy's February '79 "Girls of Las Vegas" layout and as 'frosting on the cake', we decided to run a nude on OUR cover. Teri Tomas is the subject of two pages in that article and can be seen nightly WITHOUT the frosting at the famed Palomino Club in North Las Vegas.

Teri Tomas

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