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Photo of Janice Hightower on the Vegas Visitor Cover


Janice Hightower

Vegas Visitor 11/7/75
IN THE NEWS November 7, 1975  - REDDY, willing and able at the MGM, where she shares the stage with funny woman Joan Rivers. While Helen Reddy declares "I Am Woman", down the street at the Marina they are having lots of sexy fun in the Frederic Apcar production of the many award winning "Bare Touch of Vegas". If that is not enough for you, Neil Sedaka and David Brenner are on the roster at the Riviera Hotel.

Cover Girl Caption

VERSATILE VIRGO - Myth has it that Virgo was the goddess of justice. Janice Hightower and Alice are both Virgos. Alice in Wonderland - Janice in Las Vegas. Virgos are fine dressmakers, analytical, modest, tidy and practical. Janice is also a dedicated student of ballet, all 90lbs of her!

Janice Hightower

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