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Eva Courtoy on the Vegas Visitor cover


Eva Courtoy

Vegas Visitor 8/1/75
IN THE NEWS August 1, 1975  - PLAZA HIT HILARIOUS comedy "Mind With The Dirty Man" continues to be the talk of the town. Marilyn Chambers, Ivory Snow girl turned porn star is the lead with Phil Ford, Jane Kean and Gary Carpenter also starring in the laugh a minute production at the Union Plaza. The Treniers take over the Marina Showroom, generating excitement with their toe tapping, hand slapping sound and "Sierra" is the musical group taking over the Royal Lounge at the Four Queens.

Cover Girl Caption LOVELY FRENCH COQUETTE- Eva Courtoy, born in St. Troupez, France and raised in Madrid is an accomplished European magazine model. Eva is here in Las Vegas for a magazine shooting schedule with our photographer. you can bet we'll be seeing much more of her voluptuous cms 93-53-89. "I photographed Eva several times for various ads in Las Vegas. A very sexy girl and very French, you can see why those companies wanted to use her. In February 1979 she appeared in my "Girls of Las Vegas" pictorial in Playboy Magazine." RSH

Eva Courtoy


"Friend" by: Hilma leclaire
@ 02:39:12 am on February 19 2018
Looking for her. We were best friends in 1975. Husband was Randy Zupson?

"Hello Hilma" by: Theresa - The Librarian
@ 06:49:14 pm on July 2 2018
Are you the Hilma that Hooper shot with Eva & Lidia, etc? We haven't heard from Eva for years. Maybe she'll find you from here.


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