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Annette Suzor Visitor Cover


Annette Suzor

Vegas Visitor 10/28/73
IN THE NEWS October 28, 1973  - Ms D & Mr B is none other than the fabulous Phyllis Diller and Billy Eckstine making his first appearance at the Frontier's Music Hall. This weeks real party is happening at the Circus Circus convention center with the Beau Art Halloween Ball. Judging the lavish parade of costumes are stars like Mitzi Gaynor, James Darren and Mel Torme, along with local entertainment columnists Mark Tan, Forrest Duke and Suzanne Vegas.

Cover Girl Caption  BEWITCHING - Annette Suzor, 6'1" beauty contest winner, ex-shorgirl and up and coming exotic dancer has appeared in almost all of the Vegas hot spots from the Dunes ”Casino de Paris” to the Cabaret Burlesk Show. Annettes incantations here are in honor of the entertainers annual Halloween Ball to be held at Circus Circus Convention Center at 2pm Oct 29th.

Annette Suzor

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