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Vegas VIsitor cover girl Jeanie Cruz


Jeanie Cruz

Vegas Visitor 6/18/76
IN THE NEWS June 18, 1976   -GINGER ROGERS DEBUTS AT'd think it was 1936, not '76! Rex Reed wrote, "She brings on the boys. She cooks on four burners. And...she looks like a kid." Pretty good for a 65 yr old danseuse. The Celebrity Room at the MGM Grand is hosting sexy Italian singing sensation, Sergio Franchi and humor man David Brenner. Over at the Flamingo Hilton "Hooray '76", conceived, directed and choreographed by Tibor Rudas, bows to the bi-centennial in typical spectacular Las Vegas fashion.

Cover Girl Caption SUMMER IS HERE - The first day of summer is Monday, June 21. And Las Vegas is the world's record holder for hot temperatures and beautiful sun bathers. Luscious dancer-model Jeanie Cruz is a shining example of what's in store for the 1976 girl watchers.

Jeanie Cruz

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