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Photo of Chada Angione on Visitor Cover 4/21/78


Chada Angione

Vegas Visitor 4/21/78
IN THE NEWS April 21, 1978  - Diana Ross is back at Caesars Palace after major appearances in Europe and New York and an ambitious new show debuts at Major Riddle's Silver Bird Hotel & Casino. The imported Japanese Review with a cast of 50 is called "Ah So...Sexy!"

Cover Girl Caption  CHARMING CHADA - Chada Angione is a hairdresser by profession. Hailing from Pittsburgh, she is a co-owner of Suite 115 Beauty Salon. Her five years in Las Vegas has interested her in modeling, acting, snow-skiing and racquet ball. Chada was runner-up to Miss Unofficial Showgirl on the TV special by the same name and at just over 6 ft, she definitely stands out in a crowd.

Chada Angione

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