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Vegas Visitors 1983
A new 9,370 seat stadium opened in Las Vegas in 1983 with an exhibition game between the San Diego Padres and Seattle Mariners. The Cashman Field complex also housed a new convention facility and was the beginning of many renovation and new projects that would take place in the Las Vegas downtown area over the next several years.
Photo of Luetta Callaway on the Vegas Visitor Cover
Luetta Callaway

Photo of Torill on the Vegas Visitor Cover

Photo of Luetta Calloway from the Vegas Visitor Cover
Luetta Calloway

Photo of Gay Speer on the Vegas Visitor Cover
Suzanne Regard

Dona Speir on the Vegas Visitor Cover
Dona Speir

Quiche Woodson on the Vegas Visitor Cover
Quiche Woodson

Rusty O'Hara on the Vegas Visitor Cover
Rusty O'Hara

Photo of Lyn Rena on the Vegas Visitor Cover
Lyn Rena

Paige Fleming  on the Vegas Visitor Cover
Paige Fleming

Shauna Visitor Cover

Crissa Bozlee photo on the Vegas Visitor cover
Crissa Bozlee

Photo of Tracy Vaccaro on the Vegas Visitor Cover
Tracy Vaccaro

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