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Photo of Tropicana Showgirls from Folies Bergere 1969

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Folies Showgirls

Sparkling Blondes
Two tall blondes display the timeless beauty of showgirls. We know the name of the showgirl on the right, Jackie Hewitt, because she won the Miss International Showgirl title in 1968 when she was in the Desert Inn "Pzazz" show. The showgirl contest only existed for a couple of years in 1968 and 1969 and the winner both years had once been in the Folies Bergere.

Folies Showgirls

Taken on Location at Tropicana Hotel, Las Vegas
Shot 1969


"showgirl photos" by: Raya Meron
@ 03:30:58 pm on October 20 2013
I was a showgirl at the Follies Bergere in 1962, and had numerous photos taken by Michael Negro, the show photographer. My photos were lost due to a flood and I am now looking to contact Michael Negro for photos of myself. Can you help me? I hope that you can direct me to photos of myself during the show in 1962. Thank you.

Raya Meron

""showgirl photos" and Michael Negro " " by: RSHooper
@ 12:08:46 am on April 9 2014
I haven't thought of Michael for many years.

We lost contact with each other long ago. I'll check around and see what I can find out,
but "No Promises". You check back here later!

"Photos of Linda Lombard" by: Robin Eckert
@ 09:32:07 pm on December 5 2014
I am searching for any photos of singer Linda Lombard who appeared in Lou Walters Folies Begere of 1962. She is a dear friend of mine(penpal)I collect anything on her. I'm sure Michael Negro took photos of her, too.Thank you.

"Showgirl in this photo" by: Heidi
@ 03:29:18 pm on May 24 2016
Does anybody know the name of the Showgirl in this photo taken in 1969? A dancer friend of mine looks almost identical and would love to know who she is.

"Showgirl 1969" by: Jan Clarke
@ 07:02:03 pm on August 17 2016
She was a dear friend and her name was Estelle
Krasno (nee Vaughan)


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