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Image Folies Bergere Showgirls from the Tropicana in Las Vegas

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Folies Showgirls 1

Double Fantasy
In 1969 with a brand new prism lens in hand, Robert Scott Hooper tested it on his Nikon as he went around Las Vegas doing his job as a photographer. The lens multiplied the image as a prism does making the photographed much like a dream or happy acid trip. Eventually he decided the lens was a bit much for most subjects, even interfering with the awesomeness of what was already there. The spectacular Felicia Atkins live on stage in the Tropicana's Folies Bergere is a case in point. How many busty beauties do you need in one shot?

Folies Showgirls 1

Taken on Location at Tropicana Hotel, Las Vegas
Shot 1969

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