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Star Trekker
"Green-Haired Girl"

Angelique Pettyjohn as Shahna from Star Trek's Gamesters of Triskellion episode
Angelique as Shahna

It was 1979 and Angelique Pettyjohn had an idea. She often had ideas, creative person that she was, about costuming, decorating, burlesque acts and promo ideas. So she called her friend and photographer, Robert Scott Hooper that she had an idea for a poster (or TWO) and was he on board. Of course!

Angelique did several films and guest starred on many TV shows over the course of her career, but none was more memorable than her character Shahna from the The Gamesters of Triskelion episode of the original Star Trek. She played a green-haired vixen who fought Captain Kirk and smacked him with a kiss, one of the few lip locks the captain of the Enterprise ever got. She wanted to do a poster of that character.

Actually, two posters. One in her full futuristic costume and one with nothing on but her green hair and silver boots! Making sure that the carpet matched the drapes, Angelique went all in on the green haired girl. Naturally the nude poster would sell for double the fully clothed one and she would take them to the Trekkie conventions and sell them with her autograph. It was a great idea and Angelique cemented her legacy both as a Star Trek star and a burlesque queen with those posters.

The posters are a rare find today, but you can buy both of the original images in various sizes right here.

Angelique Pettyjohn nude as Shahna from Star Trek
Shahna Naked

Angelique Pettyjohn nude at home
Shahna Naked

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