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The Photography of R. Scott Hooper!
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enlarged image to show texture.... Photo of Folies Bergere Showgirls detail on canvas
Photo of Folies Bergere Showgirls detail on canvas

Canvas Print 16x20   $250

16x20 Giglee print on archival stretched canvas. FREE SHIPPING!

Two Tropicana Showgirls

The Two Sides of a Showgirl

Tropicana Showgirls Gina & Christy !

Photographic print on canvas, stretched on wood, 16 x 20

"This photograph was taken to emphasize the fact that showgirls are just "girls". They may be glamourous on stage at night but their daytime lives are ordinary like any one else's life. Gina and Christy both grew up in Las Vegas, in very normal families. In another city they might have grown up wanting to become teachers or dental assistants, but in Las Vegas the possibilities are a little broader. What little girl wouldn't want to grow up to play "dress-up" every night and get paid for it!"

Two Tropicana Showgirls

Shot 1990


"Mr Las Vegas!" by: Jerry Adler
@ 04:44:25 pm on May 17 2009

And they call Wayne Newton-"Mr Las Vegas".

If they only knew!

"Showgirls" by: Cathy
@ 03:53:21 pm on February 2 2018
What a great tribute!

"Feathers Galore" by: Donna
@ 04:19:13 pm on February 2 2018
As a girl, my mom worked on the stage crew at a lot of the big shows. I used to run around collecting any feathers that fell off the costumes. The costumers would pay me a penny a piece for them and I thought I was rich! The Showgirls were always so nice to me.

"Feathers Galore" by: Margin
@ 04:19:13 pm on February 2 2018
I used to dance under that name. . .

"Showgirls" by: Mr Tiddles
@ 09:12:08 pm on February 4 2018
You have captured the poise and grace that defines a Showgirl. What an incredible pleasure to enjoy such a photo. Thank You!


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