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Image of voluptuous girl with an American flag painted on her body

Poster   $10

23"x 36" Full color poster

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Miss Freedom Flag

Wearing Nothing But Paint
Josie spent hours in her bare skin being painted in the red, white and blue colors of our flag. Her way of showing her support to the brave men and women of the US military. Order the 24" x 36" poster and get a FREE Locker Poster (postcard).


Miss Freedom Flag

Shot 2001


"wow" by: dana
@ 03:11:02 am on January 5 2008
WOW! I am saluting that flag right now. Fantastic looking.

"Size" by: Elle
@ 08:18:54 pm on March 31 2009
I'm a former model and I stand 5'9" which is standard runway heighth. What are the standard dimensions to be a showgirl? Height, measurements, waist, inseam length. I feel like an amazon among the general public but I'm pretty sure you gals are taller than we were. I appreciate any comments you may have 'cause it's always find to hard a date that I don't "dwarf" :) Elle

"measurementsmeasurements" by: rsh
@ 02:56:50 am on July 1 2009
In a Las Vegas production show, as you will see looking at this site, some showgirls are over six foot tall, others are only 5'11''.

So somewhere in between that!

Shorter dancers are called "Pony girls'.

Pole dancers are much shorter, wear tall, thick shoes and like to be called "Showgirls", but they are not truly considered that by Las Vegas classic standards.


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