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"Entertainment capital of the world..."

Las Vegas IS a fantasy.  The entire town is built around catering to peoples' fantasies.  Long before the themed fantasy hotels like the Excalibur were built, Las Vegas loved magic and magicians. From the first time Orsen Wells showed his magical skills on the Riviera stage in 1956,  to the current magic acts that make jet airplanes dissappear, magician and Vegas have been partners in the fantasy theme. Magicians have been the main variety act in major production shows for many years.   Siegfried & Roy as well as Lance Burton started out in hotel production shows and now star in their own theatres at The Mirage and Monte Carlo. Magic plays well in Vegas and many of today's hot magicians, like Penn & Teller have made it their home base.   Las Vegas has even produced its own homegrown magical talent with lovely Melinda "The First Lady of Magic" who starred in her own Vegas magic show at 18 years of age and went on to world tours and several network television "magic" specials.

Las Vegas is not called "the Entertainment Capital of the World" for nothing. From the beginning the town drew the Hollywood crowd to it's frontier style resorts with all the modern conveniences and gambling. At first the entertainment was limited to musicians or singers in lounges and dinner shows. By the mid-40's gaming was not enough and the hotels started to beef up their entertainment to lure the guests of other hotels into their casino. In 1944, the Last Frontier brought the first world renowned performer to appear at a Las Vegas resort, Sophie Tucker, star of Broadway, radio and screen. From then on the battle for marquis names on the Las Vegas strip began. Las Vegas has always welcomed the usual singers, dancers, musicians and comedians, but Vegas entertainment soon became more than that. Ever open to new and different talents, Las Vegas showrooms have featured a variety of offbeat acts from magicians to puppets and have even created their own "stars". Siegfried & Roy rose to international fame through their Vegas shows and where would we find Wayne Newton if not for Las Vegas?

We know variety is the "spice of life" and variety (or specialty acts) have always added spice to Las Vegas productions shows.  They are dog acts, acrobats, jugglers and more, who fly, jump thru hoops, throw fire and stand on other peoples heads.    We are awed by their amazing feats and the excitement makes us feel like children again.  In today's Las Vegas entire shows have been created around specialty acts like the Cirque du Soleil and "V".

Many of the famous television and movie actor/comedians of today like Woody Allen and Bob Newhart have done their stints in Las Vegas. Vegas can be a tough crowd, but they love their comics.    Audiences have stood in line at the Sahara Lounge to be brutalized by Don Rickles while down the street Bill Cosby fans filled to capacity the showroom at Caesars.

The worlds finest musicians on stage in Las Vegas<BR>

Elvis Presley, Tom Jones, Diana Ross, the roster of singing & dancing stars that have graced the Las Vegas stages goes on and on.  Vegas visitors have always expected the best in entertainment and the hotels have always provided it.  Most of the photographs on this page have never been published.  The multiple exposures here were created in the camera on one piece of film, long before Photoshop and computer manipulation was invented.
Singers & Dancers

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