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Photo of Jimmy Durante playing piano on Las Vegas stage in 1968

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Jimmy Durante 1

Master Showman
One of Vegas' all time favorites, Jimmy Durante could do anything. The singer/dancer/comedian known as the great "Schnozzola", began his career as a piano player at parties on the Lower East Side of New York. From vaudville to radio, TV and movies Jimmy's talent and personality brought him fans from around the world. One of Durante's famous quotes about success: "Be awfully nice to them going up, because you’re gonna meet them all coming down."

Jimmy Durante 1

Taken on Location at Frontier Hotel, Las Vegas
Shot 1968


"inka dinka do guy" by: joann
@ 05:51:12 pm on March 19 2009
this guy could go all night entertaining and never give up. you are the greatest of all times. my family and i have sit many times together in front on of the tube ( a small tube in the 50"s) watching such a great entertainer. he was one of the greatest. we miss him and send our love - good night mrs. calabash whereever you are. ( and by the way who is mrs. calabash?)

"Mrs. Calabash!" by: rsh
@ 04:54:59 am on April 16 2009
According to the book, "Hollywood Trivia," (Greenwich House, 1984), by David P. Strauss, Jimmy Durante's famous "Mrs. Calabash" sign-off referred to his first wife, Jeanne Olson. Calabash was the name of a Chicago suburb they both liked.


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