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Photo of The Flying Cavarettas trapeze artists in Las Vegas

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Flying Cavarettas

Flying Family
This photo of the Flying Cavarettas was taken in Las Vegas, where they appeared at the Circus Circus in the 1970's. From left are Kandy, Jimmy, Moe and Terry in front. Terry was the greatest female flyer of her generation.

Flying Cavarettas

Shot 1978


"For Kandy Cavaretta" by: Christopher Jewell
@ 06:22:01 pm on August 15 2007
Hope you are well.

"Thinking of you" by: Lynn Dominy Foss
@ 12:47:18 am on September 18 2007
Don't know if you remember Estelle, Bonnie and Lynn but we remember you! I was watching a special on Ringling Bros. and then I to looked on google to see if I could find you. Estelle is doing fine & has a wonderful daughter, Angella, Bonnie is doing fine as is Alicia and Paul. I'm married w/ no children but I like it that way. I still have your promo photos when Terry was much smaller. I sure will always, & still brag about it today, that she was the first to do the triple. I hope you are all doing very well. Looking @ the photos, it says alot. I'm so glad I found you!

"I grew up with you" by: heather
@ 02:27:02 am on February 21 2008
I have always loved watching you at circus circus. I even have a tshirt with jimmy and myself on it. Thank you for the memories

"Gee Whiz Terry, please respond." by: Kit Jewell
@ 12:32:44 pm on April 15 2008
Your fans are calling. I remember Estelle, Bonnie and Lynn. Do you ever return to see the old neighborhood on Treasure Island? It would be great to visit with you. I summer in Brazil, but spend Winters in St. Pete. It would be nice if you posted something.

"memories" by: Cathy
@ 02:19:32 am on September 29 2008
You guys seem wonderful-- I missed the time, but everybody has a story. Cate

"Covington la cavarettas" by: Bill Miller
@ 05:54:09 pm on June 12 2009
Some of the family some of the friends from way back when ... So happy to catch up with the ledgen here to my supprise ...

"Long time no see" by: Daniel Perkins
@ 12:36:12 am on June 23 2009
Jimmy,Molli, Mo,Kandy,and yes i was there Terry at your first Triple. so long ago. I hope you are all well Im back in Vegas and doing well im on face book Danie lwofeathers hope to hear from you

"Have always wondered how you all were." by: The blond from the Western Washington Fair Grounds
@ 08:08:43 am on September 18 2009
Especially you Jimmy. So very long ago. We went to the theater after your show one night. And then the long drive to where I lived. I can still see that white Thunderbird, and your gold earring. You had a beautiful smile. Your whole family is beautiful. Sorry I was so immature. Cee

"Treasure Island" by: Pam Gregory Pfaff
@ 06:06:37 pm on February 10 2010
I'm in Vegas but can't find any contact info for any of you. Search for me on Facebook and please get in touch.
Would love to see you all. BZ is supposed to try to get all of the Treasure Island gang back together again (with the Branams)but he hasn't followed through. Hope it comes together soon.

"Terry & Kandy" by: Jackie Scherer McDonell
@ 09:30:44 pm on February 21 2011
Don't know if you remember me, but I was there dancing at Bryant Jacobsen with you all (and Lynn Dominy). I enjoyed reading your story Terry, sounds like you all had a wonderful carrer

"Polack Bros. Circus Memories" by: Sandra
@ 03:21:15 am on April 11 2011
I just ran across a 1967 Polack Bros Souvenir program and magazine, and man, the memories came rushing back! Where are all you kids NOW: Maureen, Kandy, Jimmy, Marleen, and Terry, The Bangs Sisters (Jimmy, too!) I loved you back then, when I was only 10.
Hope you are all well.

Blessings from Wisconsin~

"Cavaretta's" by: Shel
@ 12:43:52 am on August 9 2011
Hi guys!!!!
Found this site through Margie Waltz.
Miss you all!!! Planning a "studio" reunion for Summer '12.
Find me on Facebook...I have so much to tell you. Mom's living with me & is still sharp as a tack for 86! Lynn, Jackie..please contact me too!

"Facebook" by: Paula
@ 05:22:33 pm on February 7 2012
Have no idea how I wound up here. I went to the Youth Center when I was young. I remember you guys coming from St. Jude's in your uniforms to practice. Holy Moly, been fifty years.

"kandy-28th st drive in resturant." by: jim williams
@ 04:23:24 am on January 29 2013
i meet you at mirror lake jr high.i used to come down to the drive in to see you.also,bobby simpson is a friend of mine.i still live in st addy is if you'd like to write.

"Jim in Playgirl" by: Richard A Stegman Jr
@ 10:29:09 pm on February 7 2013
I had no idea that he was Playgirl Magazine's Man for January 1976. Does he remember it?

"youth" by: Charles
@ 04:06:08 pm on July 5 2013
Do you remember living in Thunder Bay?

"st petersburg,fl" by: kandy
@ 07:28:54 pm on December 1 2013
iremember you from miooro lake jr high.i used to come by the drive-in resturent to see you.


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