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  Slappy White & Friends
  Sally Kellerman & Dan Rowan
  Sinatra & Ellington
  Ann Margaret & Roger Smith Wedding
  Ann Margret & Roger Smith Wedding
  Walter Matthau & Ann-Margaret
  Frank Sinatra
  Nancy Sinatra
  Sinatra Kids
  Frank Sinatra & Yul Brenner
  Buddy Hackett & Dance Partner
  Buddy Hackett Stripped
  Tom Jones & John Mills
  Ann-Margaret & Rossano Brassi
  Michael Landon
  Nancy Sinatra

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Comedian Slappy White party with BB King

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Slappy White & Friends

Slappy Runs For President
Photographed at the Moulin Rouge in Las Vegas during Slappy Whites presidential tour in 1971, but we're not sure who all these individuals are. Of course, that's Slappy White in the center and Las Vegas' own civic leader Bob Bailey behind him and BB King is on the far right. You could help us caption this photo if you know who the woman is and the man on the far left. We do wonder how Slappy White would do running for president today.......

Slappy White & Friends

Taken on Location at Moulin Rouge Hotel, Las Vegas
Shot 1971

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