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All the photographs on this web site were taken by Robert Scott Hooper, over three decades. R. Scott Hooper Bio The majority of them have never been published, the exception being the Vegas Visitor covers and some very famous pictures you may recognize. These photos cannot be purchased anywhere but at this web site. They are special in subject matter, as well as unique in Hoopers inimitable style. Live show shots that move and convey the real excitement of the moment during a stage performance and multiple exposures on one piece of film , were created in the camera, long before Photoshop and computer manipulation.

This will be a constantly changing site as we get deeper and deeper into the Hooper files to find the gems. Photos will be added continually so you should check back often or join our mailing list to keep up to date. With all these years of photos, when memory does not serve us well, there are bound to be some images where the subject, date or location are incorrect or not available. We encourage your participation in this process of documentation by asking that you contribute any knowledge you may have regarding those images that have incorrect or unavailable data. Just send us an email.

Much of the value of these photographs will be in the fact that they represent a period of Las Vegas history that few photographers were privileged to be part of. Many of these photos could not be taken in Las vegas today. The town has changed, the shows have changed and the rules have changed. You are purchasing a piece of Las Vegas history as well as a great piece of art to hang on your wall. Whether you are buying or not, we hope you get a kick out of the memories.

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