The Vegas Visitor was instrumental in Hooper's development as a photographer of women. When the publisher, Bob Campbell gave him the opportunity to shoot for the cover he also aquired a showcase for his work. As the paper became more popular and more girls wanted to appear on it, Campbell made and stuck with the decision to keep Hooper as the exclusive photographer for the cover. It didn't matter who you knew or how big a star you were, if you wanted to be in that 3x12" photograph, Hooper had to shoot it. To provide a cover every week gave Hooper the chance to grow in many ways. The tall format was established early on when he was asked to photograph a six foot showgirl with feathers. It seemed appropriate to run the photo as an extreme vertical. From that early issue on the format stuck. It was sometimes a blessing and sometimes a curse but Hooper became the master of the extreme vertical. Often when a publicity director or show producer had a girl they were promoting , he would go on the shoot not knowing what the girl looked like, what she would wear or what the location would be. It was a lesson in spontaneity for them both.