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Vive Paris Vive
Hallelujah Hollywood
Casino de Paris
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"Nowhere Does It Like Vegas"

Where, but in Las Vegas can you see casts of hundreds, lions, tigers, bears and elephants, olympic ice skating champions and the sinking of the titanic, "live on stage". Add to that, many pairs of naked breasts and you have the Vegas Production Show. From the long running "Folies Bergere" to the new "Magic" shows, phenomenal entertainment is what it has always been about.
The "Folies Bergere" opened at the Tropicana Hotel in 1959.  Famous for it's Cancan girls and statuesque showgirls the "Folies Bergere" has outlived many hotels as well as shows.  The longest continuous running production show in Las Vegas has been updated many times over the years to keep its status as a sophisticated Parisian spectacular.
Folies Bergere

Showgirls, dancers and entertainers from Barry Ashton's sexy "Vive Paris Vive" Show
Vive Paris Vive

The French spectacular, Casino de Paris opened at the Dunes Hotel at the end of 1963, marking the first time the show was to play outside Paris.  Casino de Paris, conceived, produced and directed by Frederic Apcar and staged and choreographed by Ron Lewis, cost $2 million and had a cast of 100.  The specatcular also brought in the incredible "Octuramic" stage, a 65 ton engineering masterpiece that moved out into the audience.  The popular production show had a long run, continuing into the 80's.
Casino de Paris

The Hacienda Hotels ice show had many names over several years,<i><b>Ice Fantasy, Spice on Ice, Fire & Ice</i></b> and they were all good shows. Spice on Ice was produced by George Arnold, famed <i><b>Fred Astaire on Ice</i></b> and producing partner Bill Moore. The longtime teams first production together was <i><b>Ecstacy on Ice</i></b> in 1962 at the old Thunderbird Hotel. The Spice show also featured figure skating champion Nancy Lee Parker. These photos are from the different Hacieneda shows and we may not have all the names at dates right, so feel free to chip in your two cents if you know who and what.
Hacienda Ice

Showgirls, dancers , entertainers from the famous Hallelujah Hollywood Show at the MGM Hotel in Las Vegas
Hallelujah Hollywood

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