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Kacy Kimball

Stardust Showgirl
CAPTION - Kacy Kimball has done some traveling since high school in Garden Grove, California, appearing in stage shows, film and television from Florida to Japan. A short stint on a cruise ship also helped satisfy her need to wander and meet new people. Kacy is now settled and happy appearing in the Stardust Hotels' long running favorite "Enter The Night".

Kacy Kimball

Shot 1993


"Kacy" by: Tonya Cleves
@ 08:02:04 pm on June 19 2006
Kacy no longer performs as she was involved in an accident. She is a beautiful person.

"Kacy accident?" by: rsh
@ 03:55:26 am on June 19 2006
That's terrible---I didn't know.

She IS a beautiful person.

"Kacy's Accident" by: Tonya Cleves
@ 02:44:01 pm on June 20 2006
Yes, Kacy lost her right leg AND her right arm in an explosion in October of 1998. Both of the limbs were removed due to severe burn injuries. She now is a spokesperson for Burn Survivors in Nevada and an inspiration to recovering children and adults.

""Kacy's Accident" by: Tonya Cleves" by: rsh
@ 01:41:09 am on June 20 2006

I'm so very sorry to hear about it!
"Please give her our BEST".

"my baby sister..." by: Bobby Kimball
@ 02:30:10 am on October 25 2006
as Kacy's older brother...she is an inspiration...and still has an incredible zest for life...this past weekend...a dear friend of mine and myself flew out to Vegas...Kacy joined us at the Las Vegas motor that she could ride in one of the Nascar race cars...she was a joy to all those that interacted with her...and in true Kacy fashion...exited the car..."following her ride"...with that beautiful smile...contageous laugh...and a high leg kick...she continues to bless me...and I'm proud to call her my baby sister...the comments, that I've read on this site...are in line with who Kacy Kimball is...a truly beautiful person...both inside and out......Kace...I love you...

"Friends" by: Tony Borruto
@ 07:20:58 pm on February 27 2007
Kacy is a very nice person to know she helps me with my accident. I lost my 2 legs and my mind is all mess up, talking to her is one of the biggest help in my life right know God Bless You Kacy thank you Tony

"KC" by: Troy
@ 06:24:40 am on April 1 2008
Is this the same Kacy that performed in Korea in the mid 90' the walker hill?


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