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The Mint 400 was the biggest and richest off-road race in America from the late 60's until the mid 80's.  The deserts around Las Vegas became a race course for hundreds of dune buggies and motorcycles  every spring. Glitter Gulch, in front of the Mint Hotel was closed while the vehicles paraded through downtown Las Vegas before the start of the race, getting their last minute "harrahs". The Mint 400 queens were an intregal part of the publicity and advertising for the race and added a little glamour to the dust and dirt event.
Mint 400

Las Vegas and glamour have always gone together. Vegas has always used beautiful women to promote itself. Nowhere in the world can you see sexy women displayed on billboards, marquis and cab signs quite the same way as in "Sin City". In the 60's and 70's there were "cheesecake" photos going out worldwide on the AP & UPI wires daily. It was a glamour photographers paradise and yet there were none here (besides Hooper) for many years that practiced that specialty. The photos here represent only a smidgen of Hoopers glamour work.

The "Showgirl" was invented in 1907 by Florenz "Ziggy" Ziegfeld Jr. for his "Follies" show.  The revue was a series of acts, not unlike a vaudeville show, that he added dazzling production numbers featuring beautiful young women in glamourous, glittering costumes.   The sub-title of the show was "Glorifying the American Girl"  and the "Ziegfeld Girl" was what separated the Follies from all other shows of the time. Busby Berkeley continued to idolize the "Showgirl" with huge spectacular staging in his Hollywood films of the 1930s.   European shows like the "Lido de Paris" continued the showgirl tradition, but it wasn't until the French revues like the "Folies Bergere" and the "Lido" came to Las Vegas in the 1960's that the Showgirl became famous worldwide.  Technically, from the show producers point of view, there is a difference between a showgirl and a dancer, although in some smaller shows the girls did both jobs.  In the large stage productions Showgirls were close to 6ft tall and stauesque, which, with elaborate headresses and high heeled shoes made them truly "bigger than life".  They were usually bare breasted in spite of the nearly 70lbs of costume they carried.  Dancers, for the most part need not be tall, wore less costume, except they were seldom topless. On these pages you will see both.    <BR><BR> <font color="red" size="+1">WARNING: The following pages may contain nudity</font>

From the Gibson Girl to Betty Grable, "pin-ups" have been popular American art.  The drawings of Vargas and the Sports Illustrated Swimwear issue are both "cheesecake".  From the very beginning Las Vegas saw the value of including pretty girls in their publicity and cheesecake photos were sent out on the wire everyday to newspapers around the world.  Scantily clad, leggy or busty beauties in bathing suits by hotel pools, lounging on golf courses, in showgirl costumes around town were the staple of Las Vegas glamour photos with some starlets, cocktail waitresses and cowgirls thrown in.  Of course, any holiday was a reason to put a girl in a sexy costume for a publicity shot.  Even the change to daylight savings time created a reason to paint a clock on a showgirls navel and shoot a picture.  Las Vegas, like no other city in the world took advantage of the media's willingness to spice up their publications with photographs of beautiful, glamourous, sexy women from Las Vegas.

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