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Brazilian Playboy July 1985

Foreign Playboy Mags   $30

Collectible Playboy Magazine Foreign Editions. FREE SHIPPING in the USA!

Shipping outside the US will be billed after you order, through PayPal at $25 for Flat Rate Priority shipping. You can usually get 3 magazine for that $25 shipping as Priority envelopes will hold that number unless they are extra thick editions.

Playboy Brazil July 1985

Monique Evans
The photo here is of the actual magazine but the flash sure does make the magazine look worse! Most of these foreign editions have only been handled once when we got them in the mail, so the bit of wear on the cover is just from shipping. This magazine has a slightly lose cover, probably because the Brazilians used to stuff lots of extras into them. For instance, the centerfold is a double centerfold, a different girl on each side. The gatefold paper is pretty heavy so you can take it out and hang it.

  • COVER: Monique Evans
  • INTERVIEW : Joao Havelange
  • CENERFOLD: Claudia Ohana & Alcione Mazzeo
    double sided gatefold
  • PICTORIAL: Monique Evans
  • PICTORIAL: 2 more girl pictorials

Playboy Brazil July 1985

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