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Playmate Pam Zinszer on the Vegas Visitor Cover

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Pamela Zinszer

Vegas Visitor 12/16/77
IN THE NEWS December 16, 1977  -Frederic Apcar's "Casino de Paris '78" at the Dunes Hotel is a "flamboyant tribute highlighting historic events and happenings from the first 200 years of American freedom". Which is a really cool way to say "we figured out how to have half naked dancers cavorting on stage and call it an historical event".

Vegas Visitor Cover Girl Caption  WINNER! - When we asked our photographer who was HIS favorite Visitor cover girl for 1977 he had a quick answer. She's Playboy Magazine's March, 1974 Centerfold Pamela Zinszer. "She's the best model, the prettiest girl, easiest to work with, always happy and, on top of all that, she's the sexiest." Bob knows Best!

Pamela Zinszer

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