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Topless in front of Hacienda Hotel

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Suzy Vegas

Stripped on the Strip
Only in Vegas! In those days (circa 1972), the publicity papers published topless girl photos regularly. After all, it was the 70' and it was Vegas! Then Vegas became a "family" destination resort thanks to Steve Wynn and the Circus Circus properties. Las Vegas is changing again in the new millineum, with hotels going for a younger and hipper crowd. Maybe you'll see topless girls "on the strip" again someday.

Suzy Vegas

Shot 1972


"Looking Back" by: Suzy Vegas
@ 10:13:14 am on January 3 2007
It was about 5 a.m. after an all night promotional photo shoot on the Hacienda stage after the last show. The whole world was asleep except for Bob & myself. I can't recall whose idea it was, but the memories came flooding back when I "googled" my stage name and this picture came up!


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