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 Mint 400
  Angelique Pettyjohn
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  Janet Boyd
  Nude on a Lamborgini
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  Laurie Loranger
  Michelle Berancik
  Marilyn Chambers
  Marilyn Chambers
  Marilyn Chambers
  Michelle Berancik
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  Paula Undressed
  Rachael's Treasure
  Suzy Vegas
  Girl and Horse
  Teri's Picnic
  Terry In Water
  Terry Underwater









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Naked Girl and Horse

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Girl and Horse

How to capture a Stud
Naked Shereen walking her naked horse at Warm Springs Oasis in Nevada in 1977.

Girl and Horse

Taken on Location at Desert Oasis, NV
Shot 1977


"Girl and Horse" by: _Davis_
@ 02:23:06 am on May 20 2008
Girl and Horse - Love forever!

"shereen " by: tavano
@ 12:16:58 am on February 25 2015
This is definitely one of my favorite photos as I grew up around ranches with horses.Lots of imagination and a positive spin on nudity like nude garden work and nude housekeeping. Great photo...great model.

"Nude Housekeeping" by: Theresa "The Librarian"
@ 08:43:48 pm on February 27 2015
Apparently you (Tavano) are not alone in liking nude housekeepers. Hooper did a series like that in the early 60's, dusting, vacuuming, mopping, etc. You can find b&w prints of them at our shop Hooperpix.

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